Fee Schedule

1Important: For each paper presented on site, at least one author must register at the regular rate (Can$750) by May 15th.

2 Important: For each paper presented online, at least one author must register at presenter rate above by May 15th.
3 Less developed countries are defined here as countries with a human development index of <0.8 (see List of countries by Human Development Index).
* Approximate fees in EUR as of April 5, 2023.

Letter of invitation

To request a letter of invitation for FOIS 2023, not at least prior to registration, please email us at and include your full postal work address.

Following receipt of your request, please allow 3 business days for a response.

Student discount

We have limited funds available to offer discounts or waivers to students who do not have access to any funds to pay for registration. To request a fee discount or waiver,  please submit a request to no later than May 15th outlining your financial needs and circumstances, how you plan to participate in the conference and/or workshops and a letter from your advisor or department supporting your attendance and outlining what financial support, if any, is available to support your attendance.

Notice that we cannot offer any financial assistance (e.g. for travel expenses) beyond a fee reduction or waiver.

Priority will be given to students who will actively participate in the conference or workshops in some capacity.